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Kimberly Pereira

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The image to the left reflects the previous incarnation of Kimberly’s website. The new iteration is Activated Global Inc.

Project Description

This is a custom redesign of Kimberly’s Psychotherapy and Coaching website.

Client feedback

“I hired 2hatscreative because my professional therapy practice was undergoing a major change. I needed new branding and a new updated website that reflected the growth of my practice. From the beginning, Mandy and Daryl understood my unique needs as a psychotherapist practitioner, wanting to be professional and also share my personality with potential clients, colleagues, etc. They also assessed my needs with respect to timelines, website management after creation, analytics, optimization of content, skill and comfort with the tech side of things so that they could customize a proposal that would address the creation of the website as well as the sustainability of it afterward

What I loved about the process of working with these two, was the creative inspiration that Mandy and Daryl were able to bring to the experience. I had a vision for what I wanted and didn’t know how to make that happen. Both of them were able to work with me from a creative and practical tech framework, to ensure that I knew what options were available to me in order to make my vision a reality in the online world. It was a wonderfully collaborative process and I learned a lot along the way.

I now have a beautiful website that I and my colleagues and clients, absolutely love. It is clear, concise and user-friendly. I have backup tools, tracking tools, and guidance tools for traffic, content, and maintenance. I also have a new awareness of how to manage my site on my own, with additional support available, should it be needed. 

Mandy and Daryl really went above and beyond, with ensuring that I had all the online resources available that I needed to ensure consistent and clear branding across my various platforms, which was a huge plus.

I would highly recommend this team for website creation or redesign! They are an awesome team and I definitely plan to work with them again in future as my online presence continues to evolve.”

Kimberly Pereira M.Ed., RP, CCC, MNLP Coach, MTLT, MCHt