Marriage Counselling Vancouver Landing Page


Project Category

Three separate websites thematically and functionally linked.


Delyse Ledgard

Project Description

This is the landing page for Delyse’s couples therapy website. We created a vector graphic to portray the pain a couple can experience when disconnected and integrated hearts as the hopeful potential offered in couples therapy. The quotation on the image is gently animated, providing the reader with an opportunity to pause and reflect, and experience the calm that Delyse offers in her practice.

The image lower on the page that is used as a background image is a double exposure graphic image portraying the intimate potential for a couple. This utilizes an outline of a couple with an organic image layered overtop.

Since Delyse’s practice has an excellent presence on Google, we maintained her previous URLs for her pages to protect her SEO.

This is also a good example of a collaborative project as Delyse wanted to do significant portions of the inner page building on her sites.

Client feedback

“I found Mandy and Daryl a delight to work with in creating my new website. I found them to be professional, creative, attentive and fair.  They were both very easy to work with and addressed any questions I had or concerns about my webpage promptly.  They were very open to a collaboration of skills and tasks shared between them and me. Daryl did a great job on the graphics that I wanted and Mandy always had great suggestions for layout and images to use. I am thrilled with how my website turned out and feel that it truly represents who I am as a professional.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to build a website.”

Delyse Ledgard M.A., RCC