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Slide Why 2hats? We hope the “Creative” in our name speaks for itself, however, we can imagine that “2hats” might be a little bit cryptic. We’re a wife & husband team, each with our own careers in fields we love, psychotherapy and music. We’re as committed to these careers now as we’ve ever been. While developing our individual online promotion via websites, we discovered that we have quite a passion for the wonderful blend of creative flow and puzzle solving that website building represents. Creating and playing with images and graphic layout, in tandem with deciphering the ins and outs of various current web technologies makes for a very engaging activity. At least for us, it does. Not only that, but we each love having a second occupation that diverges considerably from our primary careers; we like to be fresh in whatever we’re doing.

So, “2hats” because we’re putting our two heads together to apply our creativity, experience, and skill toward your success, and “2hats” because we each love wearing 2 hats instead of one in our professional lives.

Daryl brings technical chops, from image creation and editing to website hosting and site management, specializing in WordPress installations. He has decades of graphic arts experience creating custom images for web and print. He pairs this with dogged determination to solve every puzzle he encounters.

Mandy brings WordPress design and development skills, with an especially focused talent for the intricacies of colour, motion and effects, using premium WordPress tools for building in motion and dynamic, interactive layouts. She also has an abundant energy for collaboration, so designing websites an excellent outlet for her creative and relational flow.
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