Design Services

Starter Websites

If you are on a tight budget, or in a hurry, I can create your web presence and get you online with all the essentials covered. I invite you to be involved in creatively designing the right look, ‘feel’ and layout for your site, and you can leave all the technical details to me.

The result will be a unique and personal, fully responsive and mobile ready website that expresses who you are and what you’re offering.

Custom Redesigns

Website aesthetics and technology have evolved at a rapid pace and at some point every site needs to be redesigned and rebuilt. If you need your current site redesigned, you probably have some ideas about what you like about your site and what needs to be changed or added. I'll listen carefully, paying close attention to your needs, preferences and must haves. We then collaborate to transform your site into something that expresses how far you’ve come since your first site.

The result is an updated expression of who you are and what your business offers. It will also be fully responsive and mobile ready.

Search Engine Optimization

I'm certified by the Yoast Academy and provide you with basic SEO that integrates keywords, strategic titles, headlines, and meta-descriptions. Once your site goes live, I will structure and submit your sitemap to Google so they can better understand, index, and share your website with the people looking for what you offer.

If you are wishing to have your current site redesigned you are likely concerned with protecting and even enhancing your sites SEO performance. I'll take steps to preserve, update, and improve your SEO.

If you select the SEO Premium service, I will set up your site using the YOAST SEO Premium plugin. This includes:

  • Advanced Redirect Management, making sure any old URLs get directed to new pages
  • Multiple Focus Keywords. Optimize pages and posts for more than a single term, so that you don’t have to choose between multiple terms you’d like.
  • Streamlined Internal Linking that makes quick work of linking your related posts to each other.
  • Focus Keyword and Content Analysis, which helps in choosing your keyword(s) and writing your content to optimize your ranking in search results.
Let's Talk

Design and Development

I take pride in being responsive to my clients' ideas, questions, and concerns. The process starts with a 30 minute consultation to gather information, which can be over Zoom, Facetime, or phone. I'll ask you to share your ideas, preferences, and timeline so that we can build a vision based on your needs and your tastes. You can browse the 2hats portfolio to note any features you want to develop and personalize for your own site, and I encourage you to share the URL’s of sites that appeal to you. It is also helpful for you to give thought to the "Added Features" list on this page so that we can get a clearer sense of your overall needs and expectations.

"It was a wonderfully collaborative process and I learned a lot along the way. I now have a beautiful website that I and my colleagues and clients, absolutely love."
Kimberly Pereira - Psychotherapist & Coach

After our initial meeting I'll follow up with an email that outlines the process and provides you with a quote. I'll include a check list for you to follow for selecting fonts, colours, and design preferences. Once the work has progressed and taken shape we may have a second 30 minute meeting to review the direction we’re heading and to clarify any details. It is important to me that we have as clear communication and feedback as possible to ensure we create something that you are truly happy with. I invite your feedback throughout the entire process!

"I am thrilled with how my website turned out and feel that it truly represents who I am as a professional."
Delyse Ledgard, Psychotherapist, Turning Point Therapy

Select Features

Add-on features increase the effectiveness of your website. Whether it's your first site or a custom redesign, these features meet your advanced needs going beyond a basic web presence.

... any, or all of these:

  • Custom Artwork
  • Custom Effects
  • Google Analytics & Google Search Console setup
  • Google Adwords basic setup
  • SEO Premium Service with Yoast
  • MailChimp/Benchmark email/newsletter setup
  • Lessons/Orientation Package for using the back end
  • Site Maintenance Plan

Graphic Arts for Web & Print

I create print ready designs for CD & DVD Cases, Cover Art, Posters, Book Covers, Postcards, Business Cards, and Custom Creative Images. I work with Jukebox Printers in Toronto and Vancouver, but can also work with a printer of your choice.

New Musicians & Artists

As a supporter of the arts, with the desire to contribute to artist culture, I'll happily create a starter website for new musicians and artists at a discounted rate.