Practitioner Website Redesigns

    Introductory Questions :

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    What is your general goal for your new website?

    Please describe qualities about you that you want conveyed through your new site.

    What is your URL (if you have one)? 

    Do you currently have a hosting plan? Will you be staying with that host? (We also provide Managed Hosting Services.)

    When do you want your new site to go live?

    Design Questions

    Please take a look for some websites that you really like and send us links. This will allow us to have a head start on your preferences for look, feel, functions etc. We also invite you to share what you like about theses sites, either when you send links, or when we meet.

    Do you have a logo or promotional material that you want integrated into your new website design?

    We are happy to design in keeping with your logo and promotional materials for consistent branding across your platforms. We can also create these for you.
    You can upload an image here if you wish (max file size 2mb) 

    What are your preferences regarding colour palettes? Font styles? Google Fonts can be a great starting point to make any suggestions to us about what you love. Typically you will have a body font and headline font, and potentially more depending on your wishes. 

    Do you have images you’d like to include? If there are favourite images you love, we will build your colour palette from there. You can find fabulous fresh free images through and affordable stock options through, and more expensive stock options through 

    Pages & Features

    Practitioner websites often include Home, About (registration, education, and approach), Services, Speciality practice areas, Core Values, Fees/Policies, Contact,  and potentially an email sign up (such as MailChimp), and blog.

    You can choose whatever you need at this time. We build on WordPress and your site will always have the capacity to grow with you and your business.

    Possible features include but aren't limited to (check any that you wish to have):